Weilongxin Middle East (Dubai) International Beauty Exhibition 2019

Shenzhen Weilongxin Craft Gift Co., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as“Weilongxin”).Our company mainly engaged in wooden packaging crafts OEM+ODM and independent brands, luxury cigar boxes and accessories, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, wine boxes, tea boxes and so on. Our company mainly targets at Europe, America, the Middle East, central Europe, and Southeast Asia markets, with the annual export accounting for more than 90%.

The Middle East (Dubai) International Beauty Fair, the largest international beauty fair in the Middle East, has successfully held 23 sessions. In April 2019, Weilongxin has the honor to get an entrance ticket to the exhibition to show our products to the world. This is the 6th year for Weilongxin to participate in the exhibition. We have perfume boxes, tea boxes and date boxes in this exhibition. We believe that in future different exhibitions, we will have more high-end wooden boxes.

The three-day exhibition has received more than 200 customers from all over the world, and the amount of orders on site is up to 500,000 USD. With its high-quality products and warm service, Weilongxin has won the favor of customers in the perfume industry in the Middle East, and the exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.

The following is our elegant demeanour in the exhibition:

International Beauty Exhibition 2019


Middle East

The above is the content of our exhibition, please look forward to the next exhibition!

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